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Welcome to Your Country Getaway

Welcome to Your Country Getaway

Welcome to Your Country GetawayWelcome to Your Country GetawayWelcome to Your Country Getaway

2859 Thompson Rd.

Weatherford, Texas

Ready for Your Escape to the Country?

We are Weatherford's relaxing getaway, conveniently located about 30 miles west of Ft. Worth, Texas.  Our country retreat specializes in providing a private setting with natural atmosphere - perfect for special occasions, romantic weekends, or just getting away from the daily routine. In order to provide a peaceful stay for all of our guests, our accommodations are for adults only. Thank you for your understanding.

Our cabins are modern with a rustic flair, and each one is uniquely different. They are strategically located in a secluded, quiet area, among huge native pecan trees, with some cabins overlooking a beautiful meadow. If you are looking for a place to get away from the phone and relax, as well as enjoy some hiking, watching wildlife, catching up on a good book, or just taking it easy, this is the place! 

Extended Stay and Weekend Stay cabins available.

Earthing Cabin

We are delighted to provide an "EARTHING CABIN" among our private cabin options! 

The holistic technique of "earthing" is simply connecting with the earth's negative surface charge by being barefoot outside on grass, dirt, and sand, or having bare skin contact with conductive systems, such as sheets and mats, indoors while you sleep or relax. It has been known to provide better blood flow, less pain and inflammation, more energy, and deeper sleep. For many, the effect is dramatic, like changing a failing battery. For others, the effect is gradual and subtle. Come experience earthing for yourself! 

Reserved exclusively for Weekend Stay guests only.